About US

The Vehicle Maintenance Place (VMP) is an independent, professional, and ethical vehicle service, maintenance, and repair facility dedicated to customer service. We service, maintain and repair American, Asian and some European vehicles less than 15 years old.

Our staff of certified technicians has access to the latest, state-of-the-art tools and testing equipment. We work for you, our customer, not the manufacturer or auto parts suppliers. WE DO NO SELLING.
Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service at a great value.

Dealers, oil companies, auto parts companies, quick lube facilities, and auto shops didn’t design or engineer your vehicle. At VMP, we maintain vehicles based on the manufacturer’s scheduled services as outlined in the vehicle owner’s and factory maintenance manuals. Since the manufacturer designed and engineered your vehicle, we believe they have a pretty good idea of how to maintain it. Other people’s opinions are irrelevant, PERIOD!