Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Manufacturer’s Scheduled Maintenance

Emission Testing and Repairs

Oil Changes

Fluid Changes

Filter Changes

Wiper Blades

Brake Service and Repair

Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Check Engine, Airbag, and ABS Light Diagnostics

Struts and Shocks

Suspension Repair

Engine Services


Engine Repair/Replacement

Cooling System Diagnostics and Repair

Fuel Injection Diagnostics and Repair

Ignition System Diagnostic and Repair

Transmission Services


Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Transfer Cases/Differentials


Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

Air Conditioning and Heating

Air Conditioning and Heating Inspection, Service, and Repair

Electrical/ Electronic Service

Battery, Alternator, and Starter Testing and Replacement

Computer Diagnostics

Software Updates

Power Windows, Locks, Seats, Sunroofs, and Accessories



Tire Service


Alignments, Balancing, Rotations

Tire Pressure System Service and Repair

Hunter Force Balancing

Complete Exhaust Inspection and Repair

Manifold Inspection and Repair

Catalytic Converter Inspection and Replacement

Catalytic Anti-Theft Shield Installation     

Catalytic Converter Engraving

Muffler Inspection and Replacement

Exhaust Pipes Inspection and Replacement



ADAS System Calibration

Keys Cut and Programmed

Keys Fobs Programmed

Glass Replacement

Sun Roof Repair and Replacement